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Fall 2014-2015 Deadline: 13th June 2014

Tuition Rate Lock

To keep your student’s tuition rate locked your student’s class enrollment choices must be submitted, and your family semester Enrollment Fee must be paid by the published Fall deadline. So that you don’t forget, please send in your enrollment fee as soon as you have enrolled your child in their classes.

The tuition rate lock only applies to full-time (four or more classes) students who have remained enrolled and whose tuition and enrollment fees have been paid by the published due dates.

Note: The tuition rate lock is applied per student, not per family, and it begins when the child is enrolled in a full-time schedule. The rate lock is discontinued when the child is no longer enrolled in a full-time schedule, or if the enrollment requirements are not met by the published deadlines.


  • Full-pay Discount – you may pay one semester in full by the published Fall deadline and receive 5% off your tuition amount (applied to tuition only).
  • Multi-student Discount – 15% off second full-time student’s tuition, 30% off third full-time student’s tuition, and 50% off fourth (and fifth etc.) full-time student’s tuition – applies only to full-time students in a family. Note: the first student is the eldest, etc. The first full-time student is the eldest full-time student of the family. A full-time student must take five or more 3-credit classes. The discount only applies to tuition.
  • Referral Discount – if you refer a family and they attend Christ Prep for a full semester or more, you are eligible to receive a one-time $100 credit towards your tuition. Please make sure the office is informed of your referral.
  • Financial Aide – if you face financial hardship you may apply financial aid. Christ Prep uses the online services of FACTS Grant and Aide. On the website fill out the required application information – in the application you will be able to demonstrate the basis for your request for financial assistance. Assistance from Christ Prep consists of a percentage off of your tuition bill. Enrollment fees must still be paid. Please note that financial aid decisions are mostly made by the school at the beginning of the school year, however, you may apply at any time. Assistance is considered for those who have made a commitment to education through Christ Prep. Ask an administrator for more information.