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Tuition Freeze 2

Enroll by Friday, June 16th, 2017, to freeze your student’s tuition at current levels all the way through graduation. No increases. No surprises. 

Christ Prep knows that families have made the choice to use a portion of their discretionary resources to enroll in the school. We want to do what we can to help inform that important decision.

There’s small print in this agreement, of course — there always is. The tuition rate freeze only applies to students who are full-time (four classes or more) and have remained enrolled, with tuition and enrollment fees paid by the published due dates. To keep your student’s tuition rate frozen, class enrollment choices must be submitted and your family semester enrollment fee must be paid by the published deadline. (Again, the current deadline is June 16th, 2017.)

Note: The tuition rate freeze is applied per student, not per family. It begins when the child is enrolled in a full-time schedule of at least four, 3-hour classes per semester. The rate freeze is discontinued when the child is no longer enrolled in a full-time schedule, or if the enrollment requirements are not met by the published deadlines.

Please call the school for more information.