Homeschool-Friendly Athletics

A key part of Christ Prep’s vision is to provide athletic and academic opportunities for the students of families who have decided to homeschool their children.  All of Christ Prep’s athletic programs are open to those homeschooled students who meet the eligibility requirements.


Student Participation – Eligibility

Christ Prep is approved by the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA), allowing us to compete against a wide variety of public and private schools in both Kansas and Missouri. This impacts all of Christ Prep’s athletic teams by giving opportunities to our athletes that they would not otherwise have.

There are five KSHSAA rules that every approved-status program must agree to every year. Failure to comply with KSHSAA rules puts the program’s status in jeopardy. Christ Prep applies these rules to all activities.

  • If a student is currently attending a (KSHSAA) member school, they may not play on any Christ Prep team.
  • If a student will turn 19 before August 1, they may not participate in any secondary-level activities. (Please note: the August 1 date is a recent KSHSAA change from the previous September 1 date.)
  • If a student has already participated in any varsity or junior varsity interscholastic athletics for eight semesters, KSHSAA rules prohibit them from participating in all Christ Prep athletics.
  • No student-athlete may participate in more than four seasons in any sport during their high school career.
  • All athletes must maintain amateur status.

There are also KASC rules and Christ Prep rules that are in place to promote and maintain athletic eligibility of our athletes for participation in Kansas Approved State Championship competition. These rules are subject to change. The two primary rules are:

  • If an athlete participates with a different KSHSAA “approved” school for a sport offered by Christ Prep, that athlete is ineligible to play sports for Christ Prep. Athletes are not currently allowed to transfer between approved school programs participating in the KASC post season championship events in the same school year.
  • Full time Christ Prep students are not allowed to participate in any athletic activity ‘in-season’ with other KSHSAA approved and/or member schools without written permission from both Athletic Directors.

Christ Prep policy allows students enrolled in a NON-KSHSAA member/approved schools to participate in any sport that their school does not offer with the permission of that school’s administrator or athletic director and the Christ Prep Administration.

Additionally – Christ Prep currently prohibits student athletes that are currently enrolled full time in only college level courses from participating in athletics with Christ Prep.

Academic Eligibility

ALL student athletes must maintain an average of 70 percent or above in all classes (5 required ea. semester) in order to be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities at Christ Prep. During athletic seasons, students at Christ Prep have academic eligibility checked every week. Homeschool athletes have their eligibility checked at 2 points during the athletic season and Christ Prep relies on the honor system for our homeschool participants.