In Foreign Languages, the student will:

  • recognize the roots of English and other Romance languages through the study of the target language grammar and vocabulary
  • learn vocabulary which will be applicable in the international community within all disciplines
  • gain proficiency in oral language structure
  • develop the discipline needed to process a language using logical thinking
  • develop a critical appreciation of languages and cultures of other people groups

In Mathematics, the student will:

  • learn and apply mathematical formulas
  • become proficient in the language of mathematics
  • develop computation and calculation skills and proficiency
  • develop problem-solving skills and proficiency
  • develop analytical and critical-thinking skills and proficiency
  • think creatively when problem-solving
  • apply mathematical principles and thinking when addressing real-world problems
  • be able to use math to express the order and precision of God’s truth in the universe

In Science, the student will:

  • value intellectual inquiry while becoming respectful witnesses for Christ especially in matters concerning Origins (Community)
  • practice responsible stewardship of God’s creation (Community)
  • view studying science as a means to the end of knowing God by knowing His creation (Curriculum)
  • embrace inquiry and develop an increased commitment towards lifelong learning
  • engage in practical experiments driven by intellectual curiosity (Curriculum)

In Language Arts, the student will:

  • use phonetical analysis to decode words (reading)
  • read aloud at grade-level fluency (reading)
  • comprehend basic literary elements from several different genres (reading)
  • attain a vocabulary competency relevant to grade level (reading)
  • interpret and analyze age-appropriate literature for life application (reading)
  • appreciate a variety of literary styles and techniques (reading)
  • master basic grammar rules for standard English (writing)
  • express original thoughts and ideas in written form by using proper sentence and paragraph construction (writing)
  • develop a broad-based vocabulary to enhance and improve writing (writing)
  • use a wide variety of research and analytical skills in order to synthesize data in essay format (writing)
  • use various writing styles in order to communicate with a purpose (writing)

In Social Sciences, the student will:

  • relate the social sciences to the realization of who we are as fallen individuals and how we can understand our community and our responsibility as Christians within society
  • think critically for themselves concerning how and why various peoples and individuals acted in specific ways and the ramifications of these decisions as it relates to the whole of historical events
  • gain a functional knowledge of the geography of the countries of each world region based on its culture, history, government, and economic condition.
  • relate the timeline of history, either based on world cultures or on the unique culture of the United States and recognize  God’s plans for humanity, individually and collectively
  • explain purposes and uses of each major foundational document of United States Government and the basis upon which these were written with emphasis upon the U.S. Constitution
  • comprehend how the basic characteristics of U.S. government to work together to understand how they can comprehend and participate as a Godly citizen of the United States.
  • discuss the basic concepts and theories of Economics both personal and general with an emphasis on the contrast of communism, socialism, and capitalism as seen in the current events of today and through practical research of modern employment
  • integrate and apply psychological principles and concepts to everyday life experiences through the study of key theories, disorders and the understanding of psychological behavior within the framework of a biblical worldview
  • demonstrate knowledge of key sociological theories, concepts, and key terms, while discussing various social issues and their effect on individuals, groups, and institutions through the lens of God’s Word
  • trace the progress of man’s worldview through God’s work with mankind through an understanding of the seven basic questions and how humanity has answered these throughout
    history through literature, art, politics, economics, and religion

In Physical Education, the student will:

  • explain the benefits of fitness, health, and wellness
  • demonstrate knowledge of exercising in a safe manner
  • know how to treat minor injuries
  • define cardiovascular fitness
  • explain why active sports and recreation are important for building cardiovascular fitness
  • determine skill-related fitness and choose sports with those skills in mind
  • understand how to evaluate health and fitness facilities, websites and videos
  • define stress and understand how to manage it
  • understand how to establish a personal fitness program
  • employ strategies to become active and remain active throughout their lives
  • encourage good sportsmanship in all aspects of the physical fitness program
  • encourage others within their realm of influence to become physically active
  • bring glory to God by strengthening mind, body, and spirit through a physically active lifestyle

In Computer Technology, the student will:

  • use internet browse, search and hyperlink capabilities
  • demonstrate proficiency in the use of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications
  • create, design and produce professional documents using word processing software (i.e., Microsoft Word)
  • process, manipulate and represent numeric data using the basic functions of spreadsheet software (i.e., Microsoft Excel)
  • create and design animated slideshows using presentation software (i.e., Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • merge and integrate data for multiple applications using hyperlink capabilities

In Music, the student will:

  • express himself through vocal and instrumental music
  • be exposed to music theory, musical history and knowledge of a variety of musical genres
  • perform and worship
  • honor God with the exercise of their talents and effort