The exploration of life, earth, and the physical sciences leads students to a deeper understanding of our Creator God and equips them to be witnesses for Christ. The science curriculum at Christ Prep gives students a window into the marvelous order and meticulous blueprint that God put in place for us to explore and follow.

Exercises in critical analysis and laboratory experiences allow students to look carefully at God’s order and design inherent in His creation. If creation declares the glory of God, then science at Christ Prep provides a means for exploring His Majesty.

Social Science

Christ Prep believes social science is the study of human interactions and relationships, including history, geography, government, economics, sociology, and psychology. We teach that all these emanate from a comprehensive of the triune God and His Word.

Social science exhibits these interactions and relationships as subject to the fallen nature of man and the sovereignty of God viewed through the lens of a biblical worldview.

The study of social science helps students understand their own nature and our world culture in order to communicate God’s love and truth to our society.


God’s structured, principled and discoverable creation is revealed and expressed through mathematics. At Christ Prep the mathematical nature of God’s creation engenders teaching, learning, application of reasoning, calculation, problem-solving and critical thinking. Mathematical skills form a foundation for learning in all content areas. As a result, students are more fully equipped to represent the truth as they live out God’s plan.

Language Arts

Because life is centered on relationships, God has chosen words as the primary mode of communication between Himself and man. Since all relationships require two-way communication, He desires the effective use of words to communicate with Himself and one another.

We develop students who excel in both written and oral expression through instruction in analytical reading, clear and concise writing and dynamic public speaking.

Our goal is to develop reading skills in students, from phonetic decoding and basic comprehension to advanced literary interpretation. Training students to express their thoughts through effective written communication is reinforced by vocabulary acquisition and mastery of grammar and proper syntax. It’s our ultimate intention that through this foundation in language arts Christ Prep students can confidently understand and communicate God’s truths.


The Bible is the complete, inerrant, personal Word of God to humanity. It illustrates God’s perfect sovereignty, love, transcendence, personal nature, and omniscience, contrasted to humanity’s fallen nature. The Bible focuses on man’s separation from God and how we are brought back into fellowship through Jesus Christ by his death, burial, and resurrection.

The study of the Bible is complete in addressing all of life’s pertinent questions. It helps students see God’s sovereignty in the present world. Scripture is central to the process of sanctification and communicates to our world the love and person of Jesus Christ.

Physical Education

We believe our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit and that we should honor God with our bodies (1 Cor. 6:19-20). At Christ Prep, we also believe in the importance of fitness and health of mind, body, and spirit.

Using a variety of individual and group activities, all students are encouraged to increase their physical activity, improve wellness and nutrition, develop skills in teamwork and sportsmanship, and manage stress. Through this program, students honor God with their bodies and experience lifelong physical fitness.

Technology Education

Technology education at Christ Prep features a hands-on approach that gives students direct experience with technology.


Christ Prep seeks to instill a life-long appreciation for music and its application in worship. We provide training in fundamental musical skills, such as theory and vocal technique, as well as an introduction to music history and a variety of genres. Ultimately, we teach and model creative expression in music to glorify God, corporately and individually.