First Aim

Our first and most important aim at Christ Prep is to glorify and honor God in all that we do (1 Corinthians 10:31; 1 Peter 4:11).

Related Objectives:

  • We strive to consistently acknowledge, both in word and deed, the Scriptures as our highest rule and final authority for faith and practice in all matters.
  • We strive to be in constant and whole-hearted submission to the Scriptures in all aspects of school operations in general and the academic program in particular
Second Aim

Our second aim at Christ Prep is to do all that we do, including academic teaching, in such a way that we train and encourage the students the Lord brings under our care to become His disciples (Matthew 28:18-20)

Related Objectives:

  • We encourage parents, whenever we have opportunity, to see their highest calling and their most fundamental responsibility as that of training their children to be faithful disciples of Christ.
  • We uphold the Bible as the inspired Word of God and encourage our students to adopt attitudes of love, respect and appreciation toward both the Holy Scriptures and the One who gave them to us.
  • We seek to integrate the prepositional revelation of the Word with the natural revelation of creation by interpreting and evaluating what is and has been by the eternal truths of the Holy Scriptures.
  • We teach and encourage our students to develop and apply a God-centered perspective to all that they do.
  • We strive to avoid doing anything which might distract or discourage students from devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We challenge our students, their families and our fellow staff members to become increasingly more knowledgeable of and obedient to the will of God as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.
  • We encourage our students to develop self-discipline and responsibility based on respect for and submission to God and all other legitimately-ordained authority.
Third Aim

As a University-Model School, we strive to strengthen the family as the primary social and educational unit instituted by God, through the educational ministry God has given us (Genesis 2:18-25; Exodus 20:12; Matthew 19:4-6; Ephesians 5:22-6:4).

Related Objectives:

  • In all that we do, we strive to demonstrate respect for the God-given authority of the parents./li>
  • We encourage parents to fully accept their responsibility for training their children toward godliness and preparing them for life.
  • We seek to involve the parents as much as possible, in all aspects of their child’s academic instruction.
  • We strive to affirm, through our institutional structure and the nature of the services we provide, the comprehensive responsibility of the parents and the correspondingly-limited responsibility of the school in all matters relating to their child’s education.
Fourth Aim

In order that our students might, like the Lord, keep “increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men,” we aim to provide them with a high quality college preparatory education (Luke 2:52; Proverbs 1:2-7; 3:13-20; 4:1-9; 9:9; 10:14).

Related Objectives:

  • We promote and strive to adhere to high academic standards.
  • We focus our instructional time and attention on fundamental academic content and skills.
  • In our curriculum design we emphasize critical and creative thinking skills, as well as the acquisition of crucial data and mastery of crucial concepts.
  • We seek to develop effective instructional methodologies.
  • We help and encourage our students to understand that all truth is God’s truth by integrating the Word with the content of the various subject areas.
  • We teach and encourage the use of good study habits.
  • We train our students how to engage in independent study and research.
  • We strive to offer a balanced treatment of the arts, humanities, and sciences.
Fifth Aim

Both the home and the body of Christ share the responsibility for teaching His children, we aim to systematically integrate both home and school in delivering academic education (Ephesians 4:7-16; 6:4; 1 Corinthians 14:26-33; Titus 1:5).

Related Objectives:

  • We seek to develop instructional methodologies that effectively use various educational resources, including the parent as teacher and tutor, in the home and school.
  • We seek to establish clear guidelines defining the relationship between the home and the school as educational institutions.
  • We seek to establish guidelines defining the responsibilities of a relationship between the classroom instructor and the home instructor in all courses.