Christ Prep is a University-Model School, which addresses two guiding principles: to ensure students have the opportunity to pursue high standards of academic achievement and to preserve and strengthen God-ordained family relationships in which the Christian faith is most effectively fostered. Christ Prep provides an academically challenging education while integrating the home and school in the common goal of disciplining children.

The diagram below compares the University-Model to traditional schools and homeschooling:

On the left side of the diagram are the hours per week students are in a classroom guided by a professional teacher. Along the bottom are the ages of students up to 18, the co on age for high school graduation. The academic benefit of gradually preparing students for direct entrance into college versus an approach that requires significant adjustments is evident.

More importantly, however, is our goal of helping preserve and strengthen the God-ordained family relationships in which the Christian faith is most effectively fostered. According to well-known pollster George Barna, the most critical period when 94 percent of all boys and girls come to a saving faith in Christ is before the age of 18; 90 percent before the age of 14! Only 6 percent will make that soul-saving decision between the age of 18 and their death. Since parents are the most influential factor in this decision, it is vital that models of education exist which recognize the significance of keeping parents involved with their children during the early, critical years of a child’s education.

Represented by the shaded portion of the diagram is an indication of the additional amount of time the University-Model, in contrast to the traditional model, strives to preserve parental influence. Unfortunately, if this breaks down during childhood, the measure is in lost souls.

The key to success for Christ Prep and the University-Model is the integration of a biblically-based, parentally guided, Christian faith wit’s a sound, teacher-facilitated, academic environment.

The Bible gives parents authority and responsibility for raising their children with the goal of becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. In matters of education, that parental authority and responsibility, although not surrendered, may be shared with an educational institution when the parents consider it desirable or necessary. Christ Prep assists, but doesn’t supplant, parents in their work of training and educating their children.

This model gives parents oversight of their children’s educational progress, determining the manner and extent to which they are involved in the school. Parents guide the appropriate place for each child to facilitate their academic progress. Parents have instructional responsibilities outside the classroom for their children’s courses, depending on the child’s age and stage of academic development. Also, parents build into their children those character qualities that reflect their own understanding of the Christian faith.

Christ Prep operates under the umbrella of parental authority by offering a challenging academic track. The school unapologetically speaks and teaches in a manner consistent with the school’s statement of faith, emphasizing the necessity of a personal relationship with Christ and growth in Christ-like character.  The school expects students to learn assigned material. Faculty and staff provide regular feedback to students and their parents about progress in their coursework. Finally, the school integrates a biblical worldview into various subject areas offered.

Christ Prep is designed for parents who are committed to taking an active role in the oversight of their children’s education. As the level of parental involvement progresses from being a private tutor in the elementary years to a guide for dependent study in junior high to the role of course monitor in senior high, parents shepherd their children through graduation. The school is a partner with parents, facilitating effective integration of the home and school, with the common goal of Christian character development and solid academic preparation for college.